Saturday, June 16, 2018

Stage 15 to Ventas de Naron

22 kms. This was the first we all slept in bunk beds in an alberque. We had the 6 bottom bunks in the room, other pilgrims had the top 6. We all agreed if was an ok experience.
Bill, Randy, Blanca and Adriel started of from Ferreiros about 7:50 am. Jenny and Geraldine took a taxi, about a 30 minute ride.
It was almost 9k to the first big town, Portomarin. We crossed a wide river, up many stairs into town, then put Blanca into a taxi so she could make it to Santiago, then catch her morning flight home so she go back to work.
We 3 continued on another 13 kms to our alberque for tonight,  Casa Molar. There was Jenny and Geraldine waiting for us on the patio. They have a double room, the rest are in the 10 bed bunk room. Both double rooms and the 10 bunks share two bathrooms with shower.
A guide marker along the Camino.
Only 96.083k left
Adriel just before we go up the stairway to the town
Blanca and Randy, just before she's off to Italy
The bridge at Portomarin

Bill and Randy on the Camino
Jenny and Geraldine at our albergue


  1. What a blessing to see you united with family, Bill! Sharing this adventure with loved ones must make the pilgrimage even more meaningful! The new hiking footwear looks functional and comfy! Do they dry out quickly when you forge a river? Take care brother; miss you all!

    1. Shoes and special dry really fast. Stepped in creek on Tuesday to test them�� no rain since we left Sarria. 49 in the morning, though.

  2. So great to see your posts! Enjoy!