Monday, June 4, 2018

Stage 10 continued Bilboa

Thanks to the incredible nursing of cousin Esther, my feet are recovering. On Saturday she was so concerned with their condition that she had an ambulance (No siren) take me to the local emergency room. The staff determined that since I had walked over 200 kilometers in central Spain, then came by train to Bilbao, that it was not an emergency. I could go to the clinic the next day if I needed attention.
So Esther got out her medical supplies. She's a senior caretaker, and has medical training.
I walked a couple of kms this morning, and feel no pain walking this afternoon.
I will travel by train on Thursday to meet son Randy in Leon, then he'll keep walking while I use public transportation to go to Sarria. I'll recover there, buy some new boots and break them in. Then the whole family arrives on the 14th and we all head off to Santiago de Compestela on El Camino.
Buen Camino.

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