Thursday, June 7, 2018

Stage 11 Leon

200 kms on the train. Met son Randy, and we're staying in a nice apartment tonight. Tomorrow I'll take a train to Sarria, continue to heal, buy some new boots, do some day hike to break them in, and wait for the rest of the family to arrive on June 14.  
Had to say goodbye to cousin Esther in Bilbao. She doctored and fed me for 4 days.

And I had to say goodbye to Nani the dog
Leon has a large cathedral

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  1. Randy will appreciate this. The dog on the blue rug - quick glance - I thought, "Holy crap, he went to a birth?" Looks like a crowning head to a midwife. Sorry about the blisters. Def need new shoes. Maybe double layer socks (silk then wool). Hiking Goo. Not sure that is available in Spain. Take care of your feet. You can't get another pair. d