Thursday, June 14, 2018

Stage 13 Sarria to Samos, and back

30 kms, going the opposite way on the Camino, then returning to Sarria. It's not easy to stay on the Camino because the arrows don't always show up, even looking back. I got lost twice, once on a steep hill that I had to go back down, once onto a highway into Samos because I missed the shorter cutoff.
Samos is famous for its 6th century monastery, one of the largest in the western world.
My new hiking sandals performed great, ready for the last 111 kms to Satiago de Compostela.
If this dog had let me know, I wouldn't have missed the turn
A very old pilgrim in Samos. 
The monastery
Almost back to Sarria, but I had to Try this bacon sandwich.

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