Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stage 9 to Puente Duero

24 kms. Travel to the first town, 15 kms, was pretty easy along unpaved farm roads. Valdestillas has 3 streets but they are 2 kms long. Just in time for lunch, steak, eggs and fries. Walking to Puente Duero was hard, up and down on a rocky road.
The Greyhound Story
I see a jeep coming. About 100 meters away, he stops and starts blowing the jeeps horn. Que pasa I say to myself. Then, from different directions come 4 greyhounds. They had been chasing rabbits. He puts each on a leash that is hanging on the jeep. I approach, holding up my picture of Jessie. We have a nice conversation, then he slowly drives away with the greyhounds trotting along beside the jeep

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