Saturday, May 26, 2018

Stage 3 to Cercedilla

19 kms. Except I got lost and did a couple of extra. It rained all morning until about 2pm.
Everything I had on not under the poncho got wet. Stopped at A bar in Navacerrada for lunch and a beer, changed clothes in the restroom. I called and reserved a room in a youth hostel. Got there about 5pm. Nice room, hot shower, dinner at 8 plus a picnic lunch to go. Hung wet clothes up to dry. Since I'm not a youth, charged me double. 50 youth were there, on different sleep schedule than me  used my earplugs.
My room

Walking in the rain


  1. good trip, it's very exciting ... please take good care of yourself

  2. How do they define "youth"? Amazing that they charge double for "experienced".