Saturday, May 26, 2018

Stage 4 to Segovia.

31 kms. First 8 kms all uphill over boulders. Camino part of an old Roman road. The next
A Camino marker.

The rocky start road 

23 kms mostly downhill. While I was eating lunch, the French couple passed me. I passed them later while the were eating. A few casual hikers, then the bike race took up the trail for the last 5 kms. The also took up all the cheap hotels.
Stopped at the first bar in Segovia, had beer and tapas, asked about a hotel. One of the customer got on his phone, made me a reservation, then drove me there. Checked in then went to a washateria and grocery store. Too tired to go to dinner ate bread, cheese and an orange in  my room.


  1. Your trip sounds harder to find lodging. I guess it will get easier when you hit the francaid

  2. congratulations Bill you are a very brave man !!!